Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Curandera Saves Life of Magu

A letter from don Magu: Chicano Artist Extraordinaire!


Well the fact is that it took a curandera (Viva La Cultura) to save my it's most holistic manner.

A week ago on a Sunday I was in my studio and talking to a friend Becky Garcia, whereas I told her of some familiar symptoms resembling food poisoning or a pancreatic attack. She recommended going to the hospital but everyone was gone and I just resisted the idea.

But her caring caused a better judgment so she left work from L.A. and drove to Pomona ( 80 miles or more ). By the time she arrived I was in a curled up fetus position. She was the initial step to having this very serious situation attended to medically.

After a week of being drugged, in the hospital, as you know they do, Mardi and Risa brought me to my studio to recovery from the medical narcosis and the professional narcissism found commonly among some of them. Of course, I can tell you with profound clarity the morphine was great protector from pain.

With all those expensive fancy machines and yet complicated primitive procedures of punching, poking and endless testing to find nothing except a superficial conclusion was an incredible expense of thousands without justification.

Mardi, in her determined resourcefulness, found this lady (and with the money it takes for a luncheon special for two) gave me a complete physiological and historical overview of my condition in a detailed account.

She also 'saw' an incident of concussion in my infantile years, which my mother once told me about.

It did not stop there, she also provided the resolution(s) to initiate and continue healing with the prognostic method of iridology and ancient 'attitudes'.

Not only was there improvement in health but it will provide me with that metaphorical trip into the mountain. Yes, my hair is now white.

Another factor needing description is the incredible love and caring received from so many people to speed up the healing.

I have been overwhelmed.'s amazing !!!

My most emphatic gratitude to my immediate familia....and everyone in concentric circles from my liver ( the liver; as Dona Martinez stated is the real center of being ).

Naiche and Rosina provided salads that caused me premature babas. Risa, physically small, became ten foot tall with her protective shielding and tremendous. She is fantastic.

Otono and Silbina, who just had a baby boy named Sol to brighten my horizons and give me some incentives to balance my liver.

This is a short synopsis but may it also tell you that I’m stronger and will be better for it all.

Thanks to all for the concerns.

This is a common problem of some artists to be irresponsible about one's health. We might learn about this relationship of well-being.

To be ignorant of the body and its needs is a basic ignorance.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't know this happened to you! Oh man, sure glad you're better. Cuidate, cuidate! Saludos y abrazos desde San Gabriel...
La hermana de los Montiel

11:44 PM  

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