Saturday, December 02, 2006

Aztlán Economíca

We have come to realize that the Latino Economic block in the United States currently wields an overpowering $900 billion in buying power.

How much of this is spent in the barrios purchasing Chicano/Latino themed products?

We have seen an increase in ads targeting Latinos in the past year, with Bromley Communications from Texas leading the trend in Latino Advertisement. We have also seen major television syndicates cut Spanish language news shows from areas highly populated by Latinos.

We have also seen many mainstream television and radio talk shows promote hostility towards the Latino population by promoting the myth of a reconquista carried out by undocumented migrants on the directive of the Mexican government, when every self respecting Latino knows there is no reconquista and that Aztlan is the nickname Chicanos gave to Southwestern US. This campaign to malign Latinos affects our barrio economics; it prevents our cultural from being accepted as a culture that is also American.

Resulting from many years of legal segregation and the continuing division resulting from institutionalized racism, Latinos have experienced a different America than our White European counterparts. My American experience includes Quinceñeras, Pachangas, Banda, Piñatas, Mariachis, Crusing and Cinco de Mayo parades.

The problem we face as Latinos is that our culture is being suppressed at every possible turn. Even with the increase of marketing aimed at Latinos, it is to sell us non-Latino products.

We don’t have to buy into this hoopla. There are many Latinos providing products that reflect our cultural experiences as Americans without denying our roots, nor replacing them with the foreign frills and ruffles.

This year buy at least one product from a Latino – It will have a positive growth effect on our Latino economy and counter the attempts of the Antis to hurt us economically.

Here is a list of sites where you can shop for Chicano/Latino Themed Products:

Carlotta's Passion
Oh Que Pretty
La Cucaracha
Chicano Style
Pure Chicano Sound
La Chucheria
Floricanto Press
Calaca Press

Sample Products: